Joey Lomangino, Blind Garabandal Devotee, Passed Away, R.I.P.

Friends of mine, and my mother, met him at a Rosary rally back in the late 60s in New Jersey. The seers assured him he would live to see “the miracle” and his sight would be restored at that time. He has no need of physical eyes now. He gave inspiration, in his humble way, to many lovers of Our Lady. I am not writing this as a negative critique of the alleged visions at Garabandal, though his death does pose doubts about them, but just as a tribute to a man my mother, and others I knew, held in high estimation.

Glen, Mother of God Forum: 53 years ago today, St. Michael the Arch Angel appeared in Garabandal. Today unfortunately, this is not as happy an occasion. It is with a broken heart, and the immense sadness that I regretfully announce the passing away of Joey Lomangino. I have confirmed this story with family, friends and Conchita.
As I am still in shock, I will have nothing more to say at this time, other than referring to a prophecy and the bible. On December 6, 1962,Conchita had a 90 minute ecstasy around 5:30 in the afternoon after which, she provided two more pieces of information regarding the Miracle: 1) One day, before the Miracle, something will happen that will cause many people to stop believing in the apparitions of Garabandal. The doubts and desertions will not be due to an excessive delay of the Miracle.
I cannot answer if Joey had the same experience of seeing the Miracle as Padre Pio did, just prior to his death, or with his new heavenly eyes, only God knows. More here.