Kim Iversen on ‘Alarming and Shocking’ COVID Data from Israel

I’ve excerpted this from LifeSiteNews (see their COVID-19 vaccines resources page here). The journalist’s opinions about what might be done to fix the problem are far less valuable than her presentation of the data, which are genuinely alarming. It seems that the Israeli citizens are being used by their government as guinea pigs.

(Children’s Health Defense) – Political talk show host Kim Iversen, on a segment of the Kim Iversen Show Wednesday, called the latest COVID data coming out of Israel “alarming and shocking.”

Iversen reminded viewers that Israel was nearly fully vaccinated by February, after striking a deal with Pfizer to make its citizens “essentially … a giant study group.”

“But then as time went on … the hospitals started to fill up with fully vaccinated people,” Iversen said, “and they saw more and more cases among the fully vaccinated, and more and more of them becoming very severe to the point where the majority of their cases in the hospitals and in the ICU and those dying were fully vaccinated people.”