KKK Musician Jives With Black Blues Great

Much like Daryl Davis I grew up having no clue what racial prejudice meant. I just didn’t. Fact! Some readers my age (61, BTW) may think that I am exaggerating, but I don’t care what people think. Skin color meant nothing to me growing up in New Jersey as far as friends went. I need not elaborate on that. This immunization from racial prejudice was not a result of the civil rights movement or anything else; it just was what it was (and still is). I could have cared less about voting based on some racial bias, be it for someone like pro-lifer Alan Keyes (black as the ace of spades), or Pat Buchanan, my fellow white Irishman, who is almost totally on par with my political outlook. Keyes was better (not on Zionism, however) than Buchanan on some points, like immigration. Poor Pat missed the boat on that issue, missing the whole point of the “border” and whose “border” it was and why. That is another issue which I do not want to address now. Let’s just say this: Review Polk’s War, from a Catholic perspective, and then ask whose country in the southwest this really is. Oouchh! (My opinion, not necessarily that of SBC.)

Las Vegas Guardian Express: Daryl Davis is no ordinary musician. He’s played with President Clinton and tours the country playing “burnin’ boogie woogie piano” and sharing musical stylings inspired by greats like Fats Domino, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis. He’s a highly respected and electrifying performer who is currently an integral member of The Legendary Blues Band (formerly known as the Muddy Waters Band,) and he rocks the stage all over the nation.

Davis’ travels, of course, have always afforded him the opportunity to meet a huge range of diverse people, but perhaps nothing could have prepared him for the moment that would change his life. Read full piece here.