LA Rams Kicker Greg Zuerlein Apologist for the Catholic Faith

My condolences to Greg over the Rams’ loss last night to the Patriots. Not a great game at all, although the Pats defense was superb. Zuerline had the only score for the Rams a booming 53 yard field goal.

National Catholic Register, Trent Beattie: (From interview, prior to SB game):

“The writings of the first leaders of the Church after the apostles are good things to point out to Protestant friends who tend to see history as having a 1,500-year gap between the apostles and the origin of Protestantism. The Church was Catholic from the beginning; we’ve always been a family in faith, led by bishops and priests who can trace their holy orders back to the apostles, who themselves were ordained by Christ. Apostolic succession means the continuation of the life of Christ in the world.

“Sola scriptura, or the belief that the only rule of faith a Christian needs is the Bible, was not found in the second generation of Christians, or even in the first. It would have been impossible to follow back then anyhow, since it took many, many decades for the New Testament to be written and then collected into a set canon by the Church. Even once that was done, sola scriptura would have required universal literacy and printed Bibles for everyone.” Read full interview here.