Lady Marines to Front?

Chivalry may not be dead, but it’s in critical condition.

(The New York Times) The Marine Corps, the most male of the armed services, is taking its first steps toward integrating women into war-fighting units, starting with its infantry officer school at Quantico, Va., and ground combat battalions that had once been closed to women.

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Be it noted that the Germanic and Hibernian women of pagan Germany and Ireland were warriors. The Faith restored and ennobled the status of women in such a way that these anomalies ended. Later, under the slow fruitfulness of divine grace, the cult of devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary gave the world the flower of Chivalry. It is a sign of our descent into neo-paganism that women are nearing the front lines, being sent back, as it were, to their place in pagan society. (Much as contraception, abortion, divorce, and other modern “liberties” are reducing them to their pre-Christian status as mere objects of male concupiscence.)

Even while they were still not allowed to go into combat, they have been allowed to fight men in cage matches in the Army. Poor banished daughters of Eve.

This martial denaturing of women has been addressed by Catholic writers, e.g., this article in Touchstone: Mothers in the Line of Fire.