Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem Places Cause of Violence in Holy Land on Israel

Jerusalem (Agenzia Fides) – The main cause and primary context of the perpetuation of violence in the Holy Land is “the occupation of Palestine”, an occupation that “has been going on for fifty-five years”. The Justice and Peace Commission of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem clearly and directly emphasizes this in a document released as a contribution to the reflection on the latest spiral of violence that hit the land where Jesus lived his earthly life. The document, sent to Fides, represents a close examination of the recent bloody events that have marked the news of recent months in Israel and Palestine, retraced in the light of the recent and long-standing causes that have fueled pain and mourning among the peoples of the Holy Land. “In our attempt to understand the root of this violence” remark the writers of the document – we in no way seek to justify it, however understanding is the only way to begin to find a way out of this deadly cycle”. Report is here,