Lay Scholars Appeal to Pope for the Return of the Sacred in Catholic Art

I found it very encouraging that there is such a movement. In light of our conference last weekend, whose theme was Catholic culture , this would have been a worthy topic of pursuit. One of the scholars, Enrico Maria Radaelli, was a disciple of Romano Amerio, the author of the opus Iota Unum, a work highly critical of the revolution that ensued after Vatican II both doctrinally and liturgically. Amerio was a personal confidante of the great Cardinal Siri of Genoa. Here’s a clip from the scholars’ passionate appeal:

“We beseech you, Holy Father, to read in our heartfelt appeal our most pressing concern for the appalling conditions of contemporary sacred art and sacred architecture, as well as a modest and most humble request for your help so that sacred art and architecture can once again be truly Catholic.

“This so that the faithful can again enjoy the sense of wonder and rejoice once again at the presence of the beauty in God’s House. This so that the Church can be once more regain her rightful place, in this era of irrational, mundane and malforming barbarism, as a true and attentive promoter and custodian of an art that is both new and truly “original”: an art that today as always flowers in every age of progress, which reflowers from its ancient roots and eternal origin, faithful to the most intimate sense of Beauty that shines in the Truth of Christ.” You can read the full article here by Vaticanologist Sandro Magister as posted Catholic Online.