Leader of Mexican Cult Calls for “Holy War” Against the Church

When Hilaire Belloc wrote in 1931 that the new paganism, which was already infecting the world, would not be like the old polytheism, but openly satanic, he was not prophesying. He was prognosticating.  The handwriting was already on the wall.  And Communism was only one, albeit the most visible, of the symptoms of this inversion of Catholic truth, justice, and liberty.  Belloc cites the Calvinist Canton of Vaud in Switzerland as one example among others of the new diabolicism, where a law had just been passed requiring the sterilization of the “unfit.” In his essay, “The New Paganism,” he makes this sobering analysis:

“It is a paradox, of course, that such restrictive legislation should be bred from a mood which proceeded originally from rebellion against restriction, but the fact is undoubted—it is before all our eyes. With the denial of the will there necessarily appears the questioning of any content to the word “freedom.” In a Christian society you were free to do a number of acts, for some of which you could be punished under Christian laws, for others of which no state or other authority could punish you, but which were opposed to the social atmosphere in which you lived. But the New Paganism will tend, not to punish, but to restrain with fetters; to prevent action, to impose coercive bonds. It will be at issue more and more with human dignity. It has already, in certain provinces (the Calvinist canton of Vaud in Switzerland is an example), enacted what is called “the sterilization of the unfit” as a positive law. It has not yet enacted, though it has already proposed and will certainly in time enact, legislation for the restriction of births. Not only in these, but in many other departments of life, one after another, will this mechanical network spread and bind those subject to it under a compulsion which cannot be escaped.”

Why am I bringing this up in a clip about a cult that worships “Saint Death”? When I first read about this sect I just figured it was another form of necromancy akin to vodoo.  I was wrong.  This cult is a grave threat to the future of the second largest Catholic nation in the world.  It is giving a “religion” to the drug traffickers. It animates their souls. It is the behemoth side of the leviathan plutocracy, which is in the final phases of establishing the global dictatorship that Belloc (and many others of his time) warned about.  Mexico is under seige from the drug lords.  And most of the billions of dollars feeding this behemoth is culled from the streets of the United States where addicts are dying for a fix. This is “Saint Death” worship.  Along with abortion, contraception, unjust war, terrorism (and now euthanasia) it is another one of the faces of the culture of death.

Catholic Culture reports: Following the recent destruction by Mexican security forces of shrines to ‘St. Death’, sect leader David Romo has called for a “holy war” against the Church. A spokesman for the Archdiocese of Mexico City said that “this devotion is superstitious and can lead to demonic practices” and that people “should be very careful, because it is not something insignificant or inoffensive.” Read relevant articles linked here.