Leo Rugiens

This was written in imitation of the poem, “The Hound of Hell,” by Father Leonard Feeney. Its name and theme are derived from I Peter 5:8, which is sung every night in the office of Compline.


WATCH for the roaring lion
And his fell, fiendish pride,
Who come from out the abysmal region
For homicide.

We haven’t a hope to win this;
The test we can only fail.
We know well that, but for godly promise,
They will prevail.

The roar-in-the-night is raging
From the Beast of ravenous maw.
The foe that our princes pretend is not prowling
Drips blood from claw.

The fortified walls are crumbling
In the City we can’t forsake.
Look for the flash of Immaculate lightening,
When the dawn will break.

Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17), 2017