Levitation of Saints: The Casimir Force? Yeah, Right

Why even raise such a point? I think it was the skeptical father of Jules Lacassagne, who was cured at Lourdes, whom Franz Werfel, in his Song of Bernadette, has saying, “If miracles can happen, let them.” Yes, “let them!”

Catholic Stand, Daniel Demers: When Jesus walked on water, St. Peter mimicked Him and partially succeeded. It happened during a storm and Peter became afraid. He started to sink and called out to Jesus for help. For millennia the incident has been interpreted and explained as a testimonial of faith. The common belief is simply this: If Peter had maintained his faith in the Lord, he wouldn’t have sunk. Perhaps there is a scientific explanation for such a miracle of levitation–or, perhaps not.  To explore this question, let’s look at the life of one of the most renowned of Catholic levitators, St. Joseph of Cupertino (Guiseppe Desa, born in 1603 in Italy) and then consider whether recent advances in understanding quantum mechanical forces could explain his miraculous ability. Article is here.