Liberal German ‘Liturgists’ Object to Private Masses, Adoration of Sacrament and Processions

LifeSite News, Peter Kwasniewski : In an article entitled “Private Mass Does Not Fit with a Contemporary Understanding of Eucharist” (first published in German at, three tired old “liturgists” from Bonn, Erfurt, and Münster are thundering from their academic “cathedras” against Mass being celebrated without the presence of the faithful.

These academics have nothing better to do than try to conserve what they perceive as “wins” from the postconciliar period, when the Mass, instead of being seen as a grace-bestowing renewal of the Sacrifice of Calvary, was reinterpreted as a horizontal social event not very different from a Protestant assembly. The inherent value of the priest’s daily offering of the all-pleasing Victim for his own spiritual benefit and the benefit of the entire Church was downplayed in favor of concelebrations; often priests fell into the habit of saying Mass only when scheduled to do so in public. Article is here.