Liberalism is Tyranny

There is an interview with the writer, James Kalb, on the Zenit website that is worth a read. Kalb authored a book titled, The Tyranny of Liberalism, in which he demonstrates that the liberalism, which has infected every nation, has already established its dictatorship of relativism with its hierarchy of tyrants who are committed to enforce the new order of things.  Society, as a whole, has been so ill-conditioned to the attainment of pleasure and apathetic tolerance (and for so long), by its schools, its politicians, and especially by the media, that moral antidotes are scorned as repressive.   Kalb stresses that legislative attempts to satisfy the preferences of everyone, and equalize every man, can only lead to the suppression of truth, which heralds the end of human liberty. The family and the Catholic Church are the only powers that can stop the descent into a global tyranny.  But the family, as the first social unit, has been all but shattered.  And the Church, which has decided since Vatican II to work within the dominant structures of liberalism, has nothing left to fight her enemies with, except the truth — and the pope proclaiming it.  Read the full interview here.