Liechtenstein: Prince Alois Threatens to Veto Abortion Law

Liechtenstein’s Hereditary Prince Alois, a Catholic, has threatened to use his constitutional powers to veto a law allowing abortion in his tiny Alpine nation. This has led some to call for a referendum to remove the Hereditary Prince’s constitutional veto powers, which, in turn, has provoked the Prince to threaten withdrawal from the nation’s political life entirely.


Wilfried Marxer, a political scientist and director of the Liechtenstein Institute, said the monarchy is a “deeply anchored tradition” in Liechtenstein.

“People are afraid they would lose their identity and their quality of life if the monarchy disappeared,” he said.

The story here is not unlike that of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg.

It is comforting to know that some, at least, of the Catholic Royals in Europe still maintain the Church’s moral principles in the public sphere. When, by God’s grace, Europe’s fruitless and destructive marriage to the Enlightenment ends, the ancien régime, with its Christian social order, may find itself restored into the capable hands of such men.

You may read more about Hereditary Prince Alois at the web site for the Princely House of Liechtenstein.