Louisiana: Joe Cao, a Catholic, is First Vietnamese-American elected to Congress

The Jesuit-educated refugee from communism is perceived as a moderate republican. But he has something wonderfully immoderate to say on the life issue:

Aside from one major issue, Republican moderate Joe Cao says he’s open on everything else. “The only thing I am certain of is that I am anti-abortion...”

The New Orleans Vietnamese are impressive people. A cohesive group of hard-working immigrants who dominate the fishing industry, they tend to be unapologetically Catholic, making public street processions in honor of Our Lady of La Vang and other such expressions of Catholicity less practiced by Catholics of the generic American couch-potato variety.

Cao [pronounced “Gow”] has close ties with the powerful Vietnamese Catholic church, Mary Queen of Vietnam, and vowed that his political bid was motivated by his religiosity.

“It was something that I was called to do, literally, in the religion sense,” Cao said.

Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, et alia: learn a lesson or two from a real Catholic politician. And he’s an immigrant! That, at least, should command your respect.

Read the full AP story: 1st Vietnamese-American elected to US Congress.

Biretta tip to Good Jesuit Bad Jesuit.