Maike Hickson: Open Letter to the Generation of 68

LifeSiteNews: The following open letter is addressed to the generation of the 1960s in Germany who revolted against the German society as a whole, against its educational system, its Christian morality, against its political system. It might be that this cultural revolution was more thorough in Germany than in other western countries, but in general, its effects were everywhere the increase of divorce rates, the introduction of abortion, the lowering down of education, and the spread of relativism.

I myself was born in 1972 and thus was affected in many areas of my childhood by these revolutionary changes. Since this year 2018 is the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Cultural Revolution in Germany and since those who were in the leadership and at the front lines of that revolution still are proud of what they have achieved, I thought it was time to speak the truth about the effects of that revolt on many children of that generation. Read appeal here.