Meditation by Msgr Charles Pope: Don’t Be a Liar at Christmas

As usual Monsignor Pope brings up some excellent matter for Catholic reflection. Ours is an Incarnational religion. This was a major theme of all of Father Feeney’s preaching and teaching and Msgr. Pope beautifully expounds upon this truth, so necessary for our salvation.

Washington DC Archdiocesan website: At Christmas we celebrate the fact of the Word becoming Flesh. But what does this mean for us today? Fundamentally what it means is that our faith is about things which are very real and tangible. As human beings we are persons with bodies. We have a soul that is spiritual but it is joined with a body that is physical and material. Hence it is never enough for our faith to be only about thoughts or philosophies, concepts or historical facts. While all these things our true, their truth in us ultimately must touch the physical part of who we are. Our Faith has to become flesh, it has to reach and influence our very behavior. If this is not the case the Holy Spirit speaking through John has something to call us: Liar! Read more here.