Men’s Retreat

Things are quiet on our web site this week because Brian Kelly is away. Additionally, several of us are recuperating from a wonderful weekend spent at a local campground for our first — hopefully annual — SBC Men’s Retreat. Daily Mass and Rosary and manly activities complemented a series of talks by Fr. David Phillipson, Dr. G.C. DilsaverMr. Steve Demasco, and your humble servant.

Among the activities the men and boys engaged in were building altars out of local white birch logs to be used for Mass and Benediction, and a lengthy torchlight Eucharistic procession accompanied by the carrying of a 250 pound cross dubbed “the Cross of Manhood.” This was in keeping with the retreat’s theme, “Shouldering the Cross of Manhood.”

Hopefully, we will have some photos and possibly other fruits of our weekend published on our site in the coming days.