Monsignor Brunero Gherardini

Almost three years ago, I posted a piece on our site about the above named Monsignor: Vatican Council II: An Open Discussion, by Monsignor Brunero Gherardini. Since then, an English translation of his book has been published (under the title The Ecumenical Vatican Council II: A Much Needed Discussion).

Monsignor Gherardini has written at least two other works since authoring the book in question. He has also been at the center of some intense debate surrounding his recent work, in which he has come under withering criticism for his positions. The criticisms seem to us unjust.

So that has something of the complete record of the good Monsignor’s doings, we link here to some articles defending him, and reviewing his work. Despite the fact that they are not “new,” by new-media standards, these are yet very timely:

The last two pieces were written by Roberto De Mattei, who himself authored a significant volume on the history of Vatican II (soon to be available in English — look for it here!), and who has raised the ire of Italian progressivists within the academy owing to some straightforward comments on homosexuality.

Despite its generally cold reception in the hallowed halls of the theological establishment at present, the work of Monsignor Brunero Gherardini and Roberto De Mattei, along with that of Romano Amerio and , will probably be part of the future restoration of the sacred sciences.