Roberto de Mattei on Rome’s ‘Contagion of Homosexuality’

The controversial Roberto De Mattei, who authored a significant volume on the history of Vatican II, has raised the ire of Italian progressivists with some straightforward comments on homosexuality. He claims that the corrosive influence of homosexuality led to the fall of the Roman Empire:

(The Telegraph) Roberto De Mattei, 63, the deputy head of the country’s National Research Council, claimed that the empire was fatally weakened after conquering Carthage, which he described as “a paradise for homosexuals”.

The remarks prompted angry calls for his resignation, with critics saying his comments were homophobic, offensive and unbecoming of his position.

The fall of the Roman Empire was a result of “the effeminacy of a few in Carthage, a paradise for homosexuals, who infected the many.

“The abhorrent presence of a few gays infected a good part of the (Roman) people,” Prof Mattei told Radio Maria, a Catholic radio station.

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