NASA Allegedly Has Mission Specialist Demoted for Defending Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design!!! You can’t say that, Sir. You’re a scientist. We are radical secularists here. You’re not supposed to talk about First Causes in our workplace. Stick to your field of secondary causation and say no more, even if the subject of a First Cause comes up in your presence. You are paid to be a stupid materialist; so be stupid, leave your mind at the door and keep your mouth shut about the ultimate “how?”, “why?”, and, most especially, “who?” You can take God’s name in vain all you want in the workplace; no one cares about that, but do not mention an Intelligent Design of the universe — that borders on religion, and there is no religion allowed here. Have you recited our Credo today? Repeat after me: “I believe in uncreated chaos, and that out of uncreated chaos there came, by chance, physical order, and out of physical order there came, by chance, intelligence.”

CNA reports: A NASA mission specialist allegedly demoted for his beliefs about intelligent design is suing Jet Propulsion Laboratories in a civil trial to begin in Los Angeles March 7. Read more here.