Nearly 5 Million Colombians Protest Marxist Terrorism

This story comes from the TFP:

The February 4 event was a worldwide protest held by nearly 5 million Colombians. And the target of this massive protest? The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or FARC as it is so infamously known.


The world-wide protest was the brainchild of engineer Oscar Morales who hatched the idea to mobilize a protest march using the popular Facebook social networking Internet site. Nearly everyone in Colombia knows someone who has been victimized by FARC. The idea spread like wildfire. An estimated 4.8 million Colombians took to the street – well over ten percent of the population of this country of 44.3 million inhabitants. Nearly two million jammed downtown Bogotá alone. Thousands of other Colombians got together in 130 cities around the world including communities in the United States.