Need a Break? Cook More Pasta

Yes siree! Great article here by John Horvat on a savory subject. Did you know that the Italians have 500 kinds of pasta? I looked up the root of the word only to discover that it is Greek. It means “a barley porridge.” But, pasta, as we know it, and the Italians produce it, is from wheat.

Return to Order, John Horvat II: Paging through the food section of The Wall Street Journal, I was enchanted by an illustrated article about American chefs who are now offering a world of pasta to discerning customers. The adventure takes people beyond spaghetti, lasagna, macaroni and other familiar pasta dishes and introduces readers to the rich variations that reflect amazing regional cultures.

Pasta is a poor man’s food made with the basic ingredients of flour and water. It is a tribute to the creativity of the Italian people that they were able to make so many different kinds of pasta. Read the rest here.