New Hampshire Parents Rights Legislation Voted Down as GOP Reps Defect

Some “conservatives” who conserve nothing were apparently cowed by threats of being called anti-LGBTQ, so they either did not show up or they voted with the Democrats, ensuring that the bill — SB 272, An Act establishing a parents’ bill of rights in education — would go down by the slender margin of 195 to 190.

What’s more, the bill cannot be given further consideration till 2025.

See yesterday’s piece, Six Sisters of Mercy Oppose New Hampshire Parental Rights Bill.

Full coverage of yesterday’s vote is here: NH Dems ‘Nuke’ Parents Rights Legislation.


House Speaker Sherman Packard (R-Londonderry) said the state GOP will continue pushing for parents’ rights.

“I am disheartened House Democrats chose institutions over New Hampshire parents today,” Packard said in a statement. “They chose secrets over parent-involved solutions. They chose to ignore the majority of New Hampshire parents who made it clear they were looking for legislative support to help protect their rights and their children.”

Senate Republicans called on Gov. Chris Sununu to issue an executive order setting to affirm parental rights, saying Democrats have betrayed families.