New Website Explores the Life and Work of Pope Emeritus Benedict

National Catholic Register, Edward Pentin: VATICAN CITY — A new website dedicated to the life and work of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI aims to help renew the Church, deepen people’s personal relationship with Christ, and make the beauty of faith and reason shine forth at a time when relativism and subjectivism are shaking the Church.

This is according to the creators of the web portal called, a collaborative effort by the German Tagespost Foundation for Catholic Journalism and the Pope Benedict XVI Institute.

They also hope it will counter “one-sided accounts, common clichés, and distorted images” of Benedict XVI and attempts to portray him as “emblematic of an outdated way of thinking that needs to be overcome once and for all.”

Instead the site, which was created in German last year and has now been translated into English, aims to “promote a view of Benedict XVI’s life and work that is free of any unfair prejudice.” Report is here.