Next Weekend: Rebuilding Christendom Conference

The IHS Press Group cordially invites you to the first conference in the Rebuilding Christendom™ series. This packed, three-day event is an inaugural gathering of Catholics and others of good will in the United States consecrated exclusively to genuine Catholic Social Doctrine. Intended to be a fearless proclamation of “the politics of Jesus Christ,” Rebuilding Christendom I will feature some of today’s leading independent scholars, veteran writers, and students of social Catholicism, addressing the history, theory, and practical application to contemporary society of Catholic political, economic, financial, and social principles.

The conference promises a splendid lineup of speakers:

Doug Bersaw
Doug Bersaw Founder & Publisher, Loreto Publications and IHM Media

James Bruen, Esq.
James Bruen, Esq. Contributor to “Culture Wars”

Dr. Peter Chojnowski
Dr. Peter ChojnowskiProfessor of Philosophy

Jim Condit, Jr.
Jim Condit, Jr. Catholic political activist and advocate for an honest vote<

Robert Hanten
Robert Hanten Board Member American Chesterton Society

Daniel McAdams
Daniel McAdams Centre for the Study of Interventionism (Paris)

Gary Potter
Gary Potter Veteran journalist and author

John Sharpe
John Sharpe Managing Editor IHS Press

Dr. Robert Sungenis
Dr. Robert Sungenis Catholic apologist, author, international speaker

John Vennari
John Vennari Editor “Catholic Family News”

Dr. David Allen White Ph.D.
Dr. David Allen White Ph.D. Author, professor, actor, man of letters, and Shakespeare scholar