NH State Rep., Susan DeLemus, Shouts Back at Pro-Aborts: Her Message is Spot-On!

Good for NH State Rep. Susan DeLemus!

(Megan Fernandes | Fosters Daily Democrat via Seacostonline.com) CONCORD — State Rep. Susan DeLemus, R-Rochester, was filmed screaming from the steps of the New Hampshire Statehouse Thursday, calling pro-abortion rights demonstrators “murderers,” as well as herself.

Protesters were heard shouting “shame on you” right before DeLemus was seen pointing at protesters screaming “Shame on you, shame on all of you. Shame on you, killing babies.” It then escalated to her pointing at the crowd, repeatedly screaming “You’re a murderer!”

DeLemus also shouted, “I murdered my own baby!” referring to an abortion she had decades ago and has publicly declared her regret about in the past.

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Calling abortion murder (or homicide) is using language that makes pro-aborts writhe precisely because it is the issue. It is not a matter of “value judgment” (sorry Justice Alito!), nor is it a morally neutral decision. Homicide is the issue. Period.

The article quotes pro-abort, Palana Hunt-Hawkins, “board member of 603 Forward and Women’s Foundation,” who said, “Representative DeLemus is playing a dangerous game with bodily autonomy, choosing to ignore the majority of Granite Staters who oppose abortion restrictions ….” (Emphasis mine.)

If “bodily autonomy” enters into the abortion argument at all, it enters in favor of the autonomy of the separate living body whose nine-month gestation inside his mother does not obscure that fact that he has his own absolutely unique DNA, his own beating heart, his own blood type; in short, it does not alter the reality that the baby in utero is a distinct living human being.

Pro-Lifers need to stick to this issue. Meantime, congratulations to Susan DeLemus!

Susan DeLemus standing between Donald Trump and her husband, Jerry DeLemus