NH ‘Transgendered’ Third Grader

So, if a man medically mutilates himself and calls himself a woman, he can use the ladies’ room? Ditto for a boy? Even a THIRD GRADER? And the other children and parents have to pretend he’s now a girl? How far does this reality bending go? May I shave my pet orangutan’s hair off, call him a visiting Oxford Don, and bring him to the Harvard Club for champagne? If they don’t let him in, can I sue?

Have a problem with that comparison? Well, you’re obviously a SPECIESIST and have no compassion for me or Professor Hebblethwaite!

Professor Hebblethwaite during his Eton days

(The Union Leader) NASHUA — One month after a transgender third-grade student transferred from one city school to another, the superintendent says no district-wide policy is necessary.

“We don’t have a specific policy on transgender students, but we do have policies in place that prevent discrimination against students and bullying, and we regularly review those policies,” Superintendent Mark Conrad said Monday.

Conrad refused to comment on the case involving the third-grader, whose family reached an agreement with the district that now allows her to wear girl’s clothing, use her female name and use the female restroom.

The agreement was intended to help the student thrive in the classroom, Conrad said.

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