“No Amount of Iron in the Weight Room is Equal to the Iron Nails of the Cross” MPD Officer David More RIP

A tragic and beautiful story is found here on the CNA website. I’ve read about (and written about) a few saintly young men and women who were taken by God in their youth in the past few decades or so, but this account really struck the cords of my heart. David More was young, but no child. He was the strongest player his football coach eve coached. He was a cop, tough, and, given the turf he worked,well familiar with the worst that depraved human nature can produce.  In this day and age, the fact that the grace of God is building spiritual men like David More is most encouraging. The article doesn’t say whether the slain police officer had a family of his own, but it did say how much he honored and loved his parents. How rare a virtue is this! He was probably close to thirty years old when he was gunned down this past January 23, since his football coach had so much to praise him for as co-captain of Indiana’s 1999 Roncalli High School’s 15-0 season. If he had a wife and children, his death would have far been more tragic. But, it appears that he did not. I had a unmarried nephew that died that year, 1999, in an accident when he was just twenty-four, and I know how hard it is on parents to lose a young one. Nevertheless, the death of David More is not the end of a good man’s life. It is the beginning of a new life in eternity. So, please pray for this exemplary Catholic, that his purgatory be short, and his intercession powerful in heaven, especially for young people coping with a pagan culture. The inspired words of Solomon in the Book of Wisdom ring so true in this case, as with my nephew, who died with his scapular on:

“And a spotless life is old age. He pleased God and was beloved, and living among sinners he was translated. He was taken away lest wickedness should alter his understanding, or deceit beguile his soul.  For the bewitching of vanity obscureth good things, and the wandering of concupiscence overturneth the innocent mind.  Being made perfect in a short space, he fulfilled a long time: For his soul pleased God: therefore he hastened to bring him out of the midst of iniquities: but the people see this, and understand not, nor lay up such things in their hearts:  That the grace of God, and his mercy is with his saints, and that he hath respect to his chosen” (Wisdom 4:11-15).