No “Sin” No “Devil” and No “Submission” to God in New CoE Baptisms

Thankfully, the Anglicans are keeping the actual formula for baptism intact and valid. The children are still baptized Catholic and remain so until they make a choice to reject Catholic truth. If they are taken by God before they attain the use of reason they go straight to heaven. Nevertheless, the darkness grows darker still in this heretical community, and the parents and godparents are made still more comfortably numb.

UCANews; Parents and godparents no longer have to ‘repent sins’ and ‘reject the devil’ during christenings after the Church of England rewrote the solemn ceremony.

The new wording is designed to be easier to understand – but critics are stunned at such a fundamental change to a cornerstone of their faith, saying the new ‘dumbed-down’ version ‘strikes at the heart’ of what baptism means. Read more here.

In the original version, the vicar asks: ‘Do you reject the devil and all rebellion against God?’