‘No, We Cannot,’ Enough Said to the Homosexual Activists

I do not understand why morally upright “Christians” who have to deal with the homosexual agenda in their businesses should always apologize for their convictions. They say things like, “we do not care what homosexual couples do in the privacy of their own lives, but we cannot compromise our biblical beliefs by validating their lifestyle with a wedding cake, a good time photo,  or a room in the inn.” They are always on the defensive. Then, again, reading the text of the recent Synod on the Family, a majority of our own Catholic bishops seem to be opting for a defensive position on a diabolical euphemism called “civil unions.” This is far worse than giving an overt, in your face, homosexual couple a room in your inn.  The bishops have nothing to lose. Whereas owners of photography services, wedding reception venues, and inns have a livelihood at stake.

Bishops (the word means overseer) are supposed to not only protect the flock under attack from wolves, but to safeguard the flock by preventing the wolves from gaining access. They are supposed to build walls, fences, hedges, as scripture says. And woe to them if they do not. “[He]  that breaketh a hedge, a serpent shall bite him” (Eccles. 10:18). The “serpent “is the devil.

Why are Catholics on the defensive? What are they afraid of? I can understand Protestants, although there are some standing their ground on this issue. Protestants, by their false religion, are always on the defensive because they are “protestors” against the true religion of Jesus Christ. Their religion is the Bible, a book that is, for them, subject to “private interpretation.” They are afraid of a living divine authority. And “living” authority includes the perennial teaching of the “living” Church as it echoes its life through the centuries. When Our Lord confronted the Sadducees, who did not believe in the resurrection of the dead, He said to them: “And concerning the resurrection of the dead, have you not read that which was spoken by God, saying to you: I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? He is not the God of the dead, but of the living”  (Matt. 22:31-32). The Church is always living, past as well as present.

Again, what are faithful Catholics afraid of? Losing business? Thousands of Catholics today are either losing their lives by the hands of Moslem terrorists, or are in prisons at the hands of Communists. This is today. Not too long ago millions of Catholics were killed for their Faith under Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Chou En-lai and many other persecutors. Why all these defensive apologies from business owners? Should they not just say: “I will not have anything to do with the homosexual agenda. I will not aid and abet them in any way. Period.” No defensive mitigating qualifications necessary. The disordered activists should be doing the apologies, not the Catholics: First, to God, mea culpa, and then to those they have scandalized.

It is wimpish when Catholics, who are supposed to be morally militant, apologize to the homosexual activists by these pathetic reservations: “O, yes, but of course we understand that you were born this way, and you can’t help your disordered inclinations. You can still have a fine relationship with a fellow homosexual and live together and give each other chaste hugs and all that. And, for insurance purposes, why not lie and call it a ‘union’. You’re ‘in love,’ after all. And why not go to Holy Communion if you’re not having sexual relations? You just are happy in your ‘relationship’.” Is this not how Catholics and many bishops and priests are thinking today?

Some may object that innkeepers ought not to give a room to a heterosexual couple who are not married. And they are right. A Catholic innkeeper should have the fortitude to ask for proof that the couple is married if the situation is obviously questionable. Let the chips fall where they may. That ought to be the ideal. After all, renting a room is not the same as selling a couple a car or serving them dinner.

I do sympathize with those good people who are being targeted by the homosexual activists who are intent on putting them out of business. All opposition is on their destroy list. And we know how heavily funded they are by major corporations, some of which, like the Gill foundation are devoted almost exclusively to advancing the homosexual agenda. Nevertheless, these God-fearing business owners must not equivocate. They ought to be prudent and brief in their words. A simple “No, we cannot provide services for such a public affront to the Law of God.” Period, no qualification necessary.