‘Noah,’ a Pathetic Movie, Putting It Mildly

What do you expect, really, from Hollywood? No, I have not seen the movie, but this reviewer, Barbara Nicolosi, writing for Patheos website has seen it. And, reading her review, one can see that she is obviously an experienced and liberal (in the good sense of the word) critic.  I did see a made-for-TV movie about Noah and the flood back in 1999 with Jon Voight playing Noah. It, too, was pathetic, although I respect Jon Voight as a Catholic who is not afraid to confront Hollywood’s anti-Catholic agenda on moral issues. In the TV movie, they actually have Noah walking through Sodom and Gomorrah before the destruction of the two cities. I guess director, Jon Irvin, never read Genesis, or if did, chose to invent a different time frame. Noah lived 1000 years before Sodom was destroyed for the sin that is named after the perverse city. Minor divergence, I suppose. Lesson: Do not go to a Hollywood movie that deals with the Catholic Faith, and the story of Noah is part of the Catholic Faith. There is only one, true Faith, and it embraces both the Old and the New Testament.

Patheos: Let me just start by saying two words which you can accept as fair warning to avoid this stupidest movie in years: Rock People.

Need more?

Everything is politics. And nowhere is that more true than in media. The same polarization that fired Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty and then got him rehired, and made Mel Gibson $600 million, and then lost him his Hollywood career, and made half the world want to canonize Roman Polanski with the other half wanting him castrated — these are the same social causes propelling the embarrassingly awful horribleness of Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Noah,’ into an 76% fresh rating from the shameless, agenda-driven critics at RottenTomatoes.com, and setting so many Christian leaders and critics into whoring for the same. Please, stop the madness. It is astounding to me how Christians can be lured into a defense of the indefensible because they are so afraid of the charge of “unreasonablenes.” Trying so hard to be nice, we end up being patsies for people who have no other agenda than to make money off of us. Full scathing review is here.