NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade Sells Out

Pat Archbold writes, in Cardinal Dolan and the NYC St. Patrick’s Gay Parade?:

If reports are to be believed, a compromise is in the works that will amount to nothing less than an endorsement of the gay identity in the 2015 NYC St. Patrick’s Day parade.

The Irish Times reports that under pressure from NBC, not only will a group be allowed to march in the parade with a gay identity banner (something previously banned) but that none other than Timothy Cardinal Dolan will be Grand Marshal.

The New York Times confirms the story, reporting Cardinal Dolan’s satisfaction with the new arrangements.

Where exactly is the “compromise”?

It is typical of such capitulations that those who represent the Catholic Church sell out, while the folks on the other side concede nothing but their own victory over Catholic faith and morals. Note the gleeful tones of the victors quoted by the Times; they have compromised nothing. They’ve won.

At least for now.