Obama’s AG Obsessed With Punishing a Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselor

Yes, Eric Holder is on a mission against the pre-born slated for death. This is also a man who did nothing to prosecute New Black Panthers from intimidating voters during the last presidential campaign and on other occasions. In Philadelphia two members of the hate group brandished nightsticks outside a polling place in the 2008 election.  Attorneys working for the Justice Department learned that pursuing cases against blacks for voter intimidation is frowned upon by President Obama and staff. Apparently so is protecting the lives of black babies who are going to be killed in abortuaries.

LifeNews: The Obama administration lost one round of a legal battle it is waging in court against a Florida pro-life advocate — a battle that saw the administration unfairly seek to punish a peaceful sidewalk counselor under a law meant to stop violence and intimidation. Read more about this here.