One of the Most Beautiful Hail Mary Stories I Have Ever Read

I read this inspiring story on a website I have never seen before today.  It reenforced my confidence in the awesome power of the Rosary. If Saint Alphonsus de Ligouri had had it on file he surely would have included it in his book The Glories of Mary.

Father Feeney loved to rave about the Rosary, how much its recitation pleases Our Lady and humiliates the devil. I don’t think I ever heard him mention the Blessed Mother without pulling out his rosary beads from the holster pocket of his cassock and reminding us that the beads are our bullets in the war against the demons. Then, he’d demonstrate. You had to have seen Father play act to appreciate his incredible gift of mimicry.

Another thing he often said was that the Holy Name of Mary protects the Holy Name of Jesus in the Hail Mary. “Blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus” comes between Hail Mary and Holy Mary. Then he would quote the prophet Jeremias:  “For the Lord hath created a new thing upon the earth: A WOMAN SHALL COMPASS A MAN”  (31:22) adding that in the Douay Bible this prophecy was so important that the English translators put in capital letters.

Please send this story to your Protestant friends and relatives. The only thing in the article that I would question is the author referring to main character at the age of six as a “Protestant.”  Well, read the story.