Pakistan: 10th Anniversary of Martyrdom of Shahbaz Bhatti

National Catholic Register, Zubair Simonson, O.F.S.: What was it like growing up Muslim in the United States? The answer, in my case, is that it was a cakewalk.

I’d met a fair number of people who’d converted to Islam, and not one of them suffered any legal ramifications whatsoever for having done so. I never had to worry about the prospects of a Christian neighbor arbitrarily accusing me of blasphemy, much less being thrown in jail on any such charge. I was never overcome by an instinctual urge to check whether any suspicious persons were lurking outside of the mosque. In fact, the Ann Arbor Police Department had been kind enough to send an officer to the local mosque to make sure no one attempted to harm the local Muslims during the Jummah (Friday) prayer service which fell on Sept. 14, 2001. Full article is here.