Parents Bear the Unbearable: Heroic Faith and Charity Issue from Tragedy

Catholic Weekly, Marilyn Rodrigues: Each night I read a bit from the Gospels to my young sons. One thing that strikes me is how Jesus’ preaching was often met with astonishment by people.

What came from his mouth was utterly unexpected and cut people to the quick. And he, also, was at times amazed by people’s faith after hearing them.

This country has seen a similar moment whenever Leila Abdallah faced media cameras in the week she lost three of her children in a shocking and confusing tragedy.

First, the news broke of an accident in Sydney claiming four children’s lives and injuring three others from one extended family. That was bad enough. Then came the details like a second punch. They had been walking along the road near the Abdallah home to get ice creams after a hot day. Account is here.