Passover Ritual, the Last Supper, and the Fourth Cup

A short and illuminating article concerning the Last Supper and how Our Lord fulfilled the drinking of the fourth cup on the Cross. And, I might add on my own that even though it was vinegar that was given to Jesus on the Cross, vinegar comes from wine undergoing an acidic additional fermentation it was still the fourth cup, bitter indeed and corresponding to the actual bloody sacrifice. Our sins were the vinegar that ought to have been wine.

Denver Catholic, Vladimir Mauricio-Perez: The Mass wasn’t an invention of the apostles or something Jesus created out of nowhere. A long tradition says it was a transformation of a Jewish liturgy: The Passover meal, or Seder, as it later became known.

“While there’s debate about this point, there’s been a long tradition that [this was the case],” said Dr. Mark Giszczak Biblical scholar and professor at the Augustine Institute in Denver. “An attentive Jew would hear a lot of references to the Passover [at Mass].” Article is here.