Pepsico Not the Only Company Using Fetal Cells from Aborted Babies Susan Michelle, a pro-life blogger has done more research. Here is part of her finding regarding the Obama administration’s Security and Exchange Commission’s ruling that Pepsico’s use of aborted babies’ fetal cell tissue in the testing of flavor enhancers with the Senomyx company constitutes “ordinary business operations” :

“Precedent does exist; we’ve created pharmaceuticals and wrinkle cream from cells and tissue from aborted babies, so why wouldn’t we make that the product of flavor testing now? People love their food and spend lots of money every year on their snack foods. We are the market for this, and we buy this stuff,” the pro-life advocate continues.

“The precedent does exist because we have furthered the culture of death. When we allowed fetal cell research, we opened the door for this. While that law needs to be changed as soon as possible, what needs to happen immediately is that PepsiCo (which includes Frito-Lay) Nestle, and Kraft need to display morality and ethics and pull out, regardless of the cost, from Senomyx,” she concludes. “We can’t feign shock because we’ve been doing this for years with medicine and skin creams, so this was bound to happen. And only the changing of hearts will reverse it. As long as we are a consumer-driven culture with an appetite for what pleases us, these companies have us where they want us, and we are a part of the profit from the shedding of innocent blood.” Read full report here.