Perfida Albion: Destruction of Altar and Throne

I am not sure why the author of this review lists Richard III as the last “true” Catholic King of England. James II was, not Richard III.

Vox Cantoris: Dear England, What a week you’ve had. At the same time as your new Royal baby was born, you invoked a fascist ideology to deny the rights of the parent of another to keep theirs alive. Little Alfie Evans is dead, yet, he lives this very day. As a baptized child, long before the age of reason, he was dead in this life and alive in the Lord a moment later. A friend on Facebook wrote a post yesterday with the picture of Terri Shiavo. You remember her, right? She is the woman who was the canary in the coal mine in the United States over a decade ago put to death by a corrupt judge and medical system which has gone awry. She wrote: Read here.