Phil Lawler Advises Bishops to Stick to the Crucial Moral Issues

In a timely and perceptive article on CatholicCulture website Phil Lawler expresses concern over the danger of the USCCB issuing multiple statements on secondary national issues that are not moral imperatives. This could easily deflect from their God-given authority to teach and defend what it absolutely morally good and doctrinally true in the public realm.

Lawler: During the past several weeks the US bishops have been engaged in a critical political battle over the HHS contraceptive mandate, and the USCCB has issued a series of strong statements on that subject. Good.

During those same weeks, however, the USCCB has also issued statements on tax cuts and unemployment benefits, the consumer bill of rights, US policy in the Middle East, nuclear weapons, and now agricultural policy. Here I am including only statements released by the episcopal conference. Individual bishops have added their own opinions on public-policy matters ranging from immigration to climate change. Read more here.