Picture of the Cardinal Who Buried Our Lady’s ‘Message’ in the Third Secret of Fatima

A picture says a thousand words. Three interviews with Sister Lucia and all Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone said about it in his book, The Last Fatima Visionary, were a few statements negating that there was more to the Secret. “Everything has been published.  There are no more secrets,” he claims Sister Lucia said. And, further, that Sister Lucia said that the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was fulfilled by the “Consecration of the World” to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Nonsense! It is a terrible thing to contradict the Mother of God who specifically asked for the consecration of Russia.  Even Archbishop Loris Capovilla, Pope John XXIII’s private secretary, who had affirmed that there were two texts regarding the Third Secret in an interview with journalist Solideo Paolini, was cited by Bertone as stating that “there is no fourth secret.” Fine, no “fourth secret,’ but there was a message accompanying the vision of the Third Secret which has not been revealed. Read the testimony of Paolini:

“But what Archbishop Capovilla said to me during a phone call was an even more dead giveaway. When he sent me his answers [by mail to questions I had sent to him], I called him on the phone, and he gave me the answer to a question of mine which literally was: ‘So, Your Excellency, as regards the two dates in which Pope Paul VI (would have) read the Third Secret, March 27th 1965 and June 27th 1963, which are confirmed by different sources, are they both correct because, in fact, there exists two texts regarding the Third Secret?’ I asked him this point-blank. He remained silent for a moment, thinking about it, and then he said to me, literally: ‘Precisely so (Per l’appunto)’. This is the most explicit confirmation that anyone could give.” Read more on this here from the Fatima Network.

Concerning the photo CathNews reports: A 2007 photograph taken in Argentina in 2007 shows two cardinals, Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Tarcisio Bertone, sitting side by side, although their chairs are on different levels.

Cardinal Bertone’s wooden armchair sits on a dais that puts him a good 15cms (six inches) higher than Bergoglio, the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, who perches uncomfortably on his metal-and-plastic seat. Full report is here.