Pilgrimage for Restoration 2013 (September 20-22): Pre-Register Now!

Please consider joining us on the Pilgrimage for Restoration this year, either in person or remotely.

Even if you are only mildly interested in the pilgrimage, pre-register for it. The reasons for this are several-fold, and I will mention them later.

We ask readers of this site to do what you can to make news of the Pilgrimage “go viral,” via Facebook, Twitter, email, and whatever other means you may have at your disposal.

Re-tweeting this message would be helpful:

This year’s theme is Restoring True Devotion to Mary, Model of Faith in the Year of Faith. The inspiration for this came from Pope Benedict XVI, who instituted the Year of Faith. This is how the Pilgrimage shows that we sentire cum ecclesia.

To begin Pilgrimage early, our dear Chaplain, Canon Hellmann, has recommended the sublime prayer of Saint Nicholas of Flue to be committed to memory and offered daily:

My Lord and my God,
take from me whatever keeps me from Thee.

My Lord and my God,
grant me whatever brings me to Thee.

My Lord and my God,
take my self, to live wholly in Thee.

St. Nicholas of Flüe, 1447-1487

Now, as promised, here are the reasons you should pre-register:

  • The form is easy to use, and need take no longer than 3 minutes to submit.
  • It lets everyone in the organization know their intentions, helping those who need to know, to prepare.
  • It is not the final word (or decision), but a non-binding expression of one’s intention to make pilgrimage.
  • It inspires other pilgrims.