Portland Archbishop: No Communion for Adulterers or Active Homosexuals

What would seem to be a given in Catholic sacramental discipline isn’t anymore. That, sadly, is a fact we all know today. Just south of Portland in the diocese of San Jose, California, active homosexuals are welcome (no exclusivity there), two even working as a “married” couple for a San Jose parish and lauded on Santa Clara parish website. San Jose Bishop Patrick McGrath, no doubt, will suffer no consequences. On the other hand, good Bishop Alexander Sample of Portland will likely get pilloried in the press and perhaps worse, if ‘gay’ activists go after him.

California Catholic Daily: Archbishop Alexander Sample of Portland, Oregon, issues guidelines for implementing ‘Amoris Laetitia,’ says persons living unchastely must “sacramentally confess all serious sins with a firm purpose to change, before receiving the Holy Eucharist” Read report here.