Prayers for the Conversion of Chuck Colson who is in Critical Condition

It is very sad that practicing Catholics who know and work with naturally virtuous non-Catholics, such as Mr. Colson, are afraid, due to human respect, to ask such people to become Catholic. I do not understand this. Father Feeney considered this strange cowardice the nadir of lack of charity. What else could it be? This man may go to hell this very day for refusing to enter the one,true Church and all because there weren’t any Catholic “pro-lifers” (of course I may be wrong about this) who cared enough about him to offer him the saving good news of eternal life in Christ. Let everyone who reads this STOP for a moment and pray for Chuck Colson.

LifeNews: Chuck Colson, a pro-life Christian writer who has graced the LifeNews web site dozens of times with his insightful analysis and opinion is in critical condition following emergency surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain. Read more here.