President Trump Gives Moving Tribute to SBC Grammar School Alumnus Danny Eggers Who Died for Country in Afganistan in 2004

Danny’s parents, Bill and Margaret, were there at Fort McHenry for the rousing Memorial Day tribute, as were Danny’s wife Rebecca (a soon-to-be full colonel) and two sons. The Eggers moved to Florida sometime in the later 1980s I think. They were friends of one of SBC’s third order finest, Richard McNamara, RIP. As a youngster Danny was classmates with my sister-in-law, Guinivere Terhune (Elbthal). Colonel Arthur Elbthal, my brother-in-law, was Danny’s “ride” to Immaculate Heart of Mary school every day in Still River MA. Friends Joey Lynch (Chicago) of IHM school and Anne Sullivan (Hood) were also with Danny at IHM.

See and hear Trump’s speech here. I  was good friends with Danny’s father Bill and his mother and her parents too. I was very sad to see the family leave for Florida those many years ago.There is a lot more information about Danny and the family here. I was not aware of any of the facts in this other article, only that I knew Danny died serving his country in Afghanistan.