Priest Arriving This Week!

Later this week, a priest will begin a four-week visit to Saint Benedict Center. He is coming with our Bishop’s permission in order that we might get to know each other. What happens after his four-week visit is not yet planned, nor can it be at this point.1  

Father will offer the Holy Mass on Friday Morning, and daily for the duration of his stay. (Providentially, he arrives in time for First Friday and First Saturday.) We will return to the regular Sunday Mass schedule beginning next week, Sunday, September 6. We will not have a 2:00 pm Mass on that day, as was previously announced. 

We are very grateful to Monsignor Daniel Lamothe for the heroic service he performed by filling in here these last two weeks. This 79-year-old priest offered his third Mass of a Sunday when after much driving between churches. May God reward him!

  1. In order to spare him the kind of harassment others have received whose names have appeared on this site, we are withholding Father’s name for now.