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Who Am I?

Before I converted to the Catholic Faith I was the nation’s First Lady for eight months, I was the nation’s first First Lady to publicly dance in a ball at the White House and to have my portrait painted. They … Continue reading

‘The Times Demand It’

1Peter5, John Michael Buckley: Now more than ever, I believe it to be of absolute necessity for churches to be prepared for the probable disruptions of Holy Mass, along with the security of our priests and families. With this in … Continue reading

Conversion of Barabbas Actor Pedro Sarubbi

ChurchPop: Andres Jaromezuk -The Passion of the Christ is already a classic movie and well-known to all Catholics. But did you know the impressive conversion testimony of Barabbas actor Pedro Sarubbi? That’s right, he experienced something amazing during the film’s production, which … Continue reading