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Loss of Faith in Poland

The Imaginative Conservative, Rod Dreher: Today was a very long day, and a rewarding one. I say “rewarding” in the sense that it is always better to know the painful truth than rest in a comforting lie. What happened today, … Continue reading

Now and Then

Now and then there is an excellent piece of news that doesn’t make headlines but deserves to be passed on if only because it will bring a smile of satisfaction to more than a few if they haven’t heard it … Continue reading

Saint Benedict Center Official Press Statements

Official press statements from Saint Benedict Center may be found below: Press Release: January 12, 2019 Response to Media Inquiries (1/12/2019) Notification Concerning Mass and the Sacraments at Saint Benedict Center (1/11/2019) Letter Explaining Saint Benedict Center’s Doctrinal Stance (1/9/2019)