Proper Limits on Governmental Hubris, and You

The central government in Washington D.C. now maintains lists of U.S. citizens who will be killed without due process of law, for unspecified crimes, determined by secret, unaccountable, departments of state. These walking doomed will be terminated by unmanned killer drones. No, it’s not the plot of the latest Arnold Schwarzenegger move or some quack conspiracy theory. It’s news as reported by Nat Hentoff, and it’s even the subject of current litigation. So, if you are deemed guilty of these unspecified crimes which render you human scum unworthy of the protection of law, you, too, can be terminated, bucko! Given certain government agencies’ nasty habit of taking advice from disreputable, ideologically driven pseudo-intelligence organizations like the SPLC, it’s not inconceivable that the roster of unlucky terminandi could one day include numerous swell Americans whose crime is not thinking in line with the ascended masters of the pluralist comintern.

The rule of law is over — or almost so — and the Constitution can’t save us. That’s because there are transcendent moral precepts without which any — even the best — of written documents is useless. As Dr. Brian McCall points out, the proper check on human law is not more human law, nor is it “the will of the people,” who can be and often are perverted in fundamental questions of right and wrong. The proper restraint on human law is the divine law, both the revealed and the natural law. And the Catholic Church is the only divinely-authorized interpreter of both those parts of the divine law. As Catholic tradition teaches, a law contrary to divine law is “no law at all.” This is among the reasons why Orestes Brownson claimed that Catholicity is necessary to sustain popular liberty. Contrary to what secularists and liberals of all stripes (including libertarians) would claim, the further we become removed from the divine law, the more tyranny we get, and freedom goes out the window. Don’t numerous revolutions (French, Russian, Maoist, etc.) teach us this?

Where to begin? I mean, where do you begin — you, the little guy reading this, who might end up on a kill list some day because you upheld a cause deemed unworthy by your betters in the Mega-State? Catholic men, learn your place in society, beginning with the small society of your family, which is the building block of the larger society known as the State. As head of the family, it is only when you have brought your sovereign dominion under the gentle rule of Christ the King that can you hope to help the larger societies of Church and State.

¡Viva Cristo Rey!