Reconquest Episode 31. The Precious Blood of Jesus

The price of our salvation is the Most Precious Blood of Jesus. In the nineteenth century, there was a real flowering of devotion to the Precious Blood, thanks to such notables as Saint Gaspar del Bufalo, Father Frederick Faber, and, of course, Blessed Pope Pius IX, who instituted the Feast of the Precious Blood (later moved by Saint Pius X to July 1), in thanksgiving for the ending of his exile in Gaeta.

On this show, I discuss Old Testament types of the Precious Blood, the various outpourings of the Precious Blood that are recorded in the Gospels, and the significance of the Mystery in light of the Holy Mass and the reception of Holy Communion.

Passages from Saint Paul’s Epistle to the Hebrews, and a Sermon of Saint John Chrysostom are prominently featured.

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