Rep. Trent Franks on Abortion

Writing yesterday about the Republicans that made it into office thanks to the “get-the-bums-out” energy of the Tea Party and others, I said this: “Now we shall see of what stuff the new Republican pols are made. Are they ‘fiscal’ conservatives (i.e., not conservatives, but mere materialists), or are they for real. I hope they heal my skepticism.” Rep. Trent Franks* might be the doctor I need:

“Because, ladies and gentlemen, if abortion really does kill a baby, then in this, the seat of freedom, we are living in the midst of the greatest human genocide in the history of humanity,” Franks said.

Franks said there are three other realities of abortion that include consequences for the unborn child, the mother and society as a whole.

“No. 1, a nameless little baby dies a lonely, tragic death,” Franks said. “No. 2, a mother is never the same, no matter what anybody tells you; and No. 3 all the gifts that that little baby might have brought to this human family are lost forever.” [Read more at CNS…]

*Franks is a fourth-term congressman, but he’s still part of the new Republican majority.